This Allowance Sheet should help with your selections. It will tell you how to choose, how much money is allowed, and the order of importance. You may select items at other places, but you will have to have them delivered to the construction site.

Download this page as a PDF

Paint & Stain:Color Selections can be made at Sherwin Williams, Sales Office or Model Homes.

 ***PAINT COLOR DARK*** – If you pick out dark colors for walls, it will be an upgrade due to the painters needing to use primer to be able to touch up the walls.

Floor Tile: Select from Model Homes or Floor & Decor. We allow $1.40 per square foot. This must be done before your Home is painted. Wall Tile in Shower Stalls and around Tubs in secondary baths is specified to be 12 inches to compliment floor tile.

Wood Floor:(UPGRADE) We will not install “Bamboo Wood’ – Cannot guarantee “WARRANTY”

Counter Tops: Select from samples in Model Homes. This should be done at the same time you pick your Floor Tile.

Level 1 Granite Countertop Colors – Included in sale price of house

New Venetian Gold STD   Dallas White
New Venetian Gold BG   Giallo Ornamental STD
Napolitano STD  Giallo Ornamental BG
Napolitano BG  Tan Brown STD
Santa Cecilia STD   Ubatuba STD
Santa Cecilia BG   New Caledonia
Amarello Boreal STD  Verde Butterfly
***Granite Countertop Colors – (There are many others to choose from at various times of the year – We will be happy to quote you a price on other colors) ***
You can schedule an appointment with our Installer at Verona Marble in Mesquite, TX through us.

CARPET: $16.00 per yard, select from samples at All About Floors (214) 500-2174, 6491 FM 741, Forney, TX – please inform them when you go in that you are a Security Custom Homes Customer, (Contact our office in Mesquite on carpet floor selection (972) 329-9600).


Any specialized item such as; fixtures, wallpaper, address blocks, hardware, etc., must be selected, purchased, and delivered to the job site. At the time of closing, Security Custom Homes will give you a credit for the money you have spent on these items. Large additions such as wood floors, additional garages, room modifications, etc., need to be paid for at the time of ordering or possibly by increasing earnest money. You will be invoiced at closing for small additions or changes made after your sales contract is signed. For Customer & Builder protection, we ask that you please put additions and changes in writing and submit them to the Sales Office.

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